• Complete custom dedicated track car builds
  • Drift
  • Circuit / Time attack
  • Roll-racing / Drag Racing
  • Pre track planning and preparation
  • Data acquisition and track tuning
  • Management of car maintenance program
  • Safety management strategies
  • On-site track support
  • Tuning
  • Diagnostics
  • Repairs & Servicing

We specialise in building fully bespoke race cars; our focus is on delivering an exceptional driving experience coupled with speed and reliability. We work with leading brands to ensure optimum results whether it’s for professional racing circuits or casual weekend competitions, we can cater to all applications.

If you’re looking to complete an existing project or to bring your dream car to life from scratch, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to fit your budget and build specification.

Our team’s diverse hands-on expertise in tuning, engine building, fabricating, suspension, cooling, fuel, and electrical systems enables us to manage all project aspects in-house. This approach ensures consistent high-quality standards and the seamless integration of all systems, ultimately delivering optimal results for our customers.

In addition to our local clientele, we also serve international clients by building, maintaining, and preparing their cars for the track. Our goal is to ensure that when they arrive for race season, all they have to do is turn the key and enjoy the thrill of the track without any worries.

At JDM Motorsport we acknowledge that investing in such a project goes beyond mere financial exchange; it relies on transparent communication, trust, and meticulous planning. These principles are fundamental to us as we cultivate lasting relationships with our race customers.

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