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JDM Motorsport is a Brisbane-based mechanical workshop known for our expertise in Japanese high-performance street and track cars. With years of dedication to refining our craft, advancing our teams skillset and building exceptional cars, we have established a strong reputation within the high-performance automotive community. Our approach focuses on crafting tailored solutions for each customer, ensuring optimum results for their pride and joy.

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Engine specialists

Complete engine

Backed by years of hands-on experience in crafting, tuning, and maintaining engines across diverse platforms. Our work is all about enhancing the performance of street cars and elevating the power of Motorsport and Race cars.

  • Mazda Rotary 12A, 13B, 20B, 26B
  • Nissan RB, VR, SR, CA
  • Toyota 1-2JZ, 4AGE
  • Honda B Series, K Series
  • LS Based V8 Platforms

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Usually I walk away from mechanics regretting ever taking my car there but not this time! they are extremely friendly with awesome customer service skills and best of all they know what they are doing…definitely the only mechanic I would ever recommend to someone else

Stella Watson

Don’t look anywhere else, this is where you need to take your pride and joy…the single best customer service experience I’ve ever received. I’d be comfortable with Hayden running for PM in all honesty.

Noah Mihalyka

I simply cannot recommend these guys enough…Phenomenal customer service and the passion and pride put into the work is undeniable…


Legends at JDM Motorsport helped me solve a problem I had with my car stalling, probably would’ve never fixed the issue if it weren’t for these guys, definitely recommend going to them if you need work done to your car. Will be going back in the future for sure.


Excellent service!!!…Wouldn’t take my car anywhere else and will always recommend to anyone who wants performance work on their vehicles.

Myran Wilson