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Our Beginnings

Established in 2015, JDM Motorsport is a living tribute to the enduring passion and dedication of its founder, Selwyn. His lifelong infatuation with JDM cars, sparked during his teenage years by owning a Series 1 RX7 and later a R32 Skyline, followed by many years in the high performance / motorsport sector, sowed the seeds for the birth of JDM Motorsport.

From its humble origins in a small tin shed with just a hoist, toolbox, and Selwyn as the hands-on craftsman, JDM Motorsport has blossomed into the modern workshop it is today.

JDM Motorsport today

Through years of burning the midnight oil, relentless effort, and continuous upskilling, we’ve transformed our business into its current form – we now stand as a team of highly sought after and skilled individuals, operating from a newly expanded premises adorned with beautiful epoxy resin flooring with clean modern workstations. Notably, our workshop boasts a brand-new dyno cell featuring the 3000 HP Mainline Hub Dyno.

As the proud owners of a family run business, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building a workplace where everyone feels valued and appreciated. From the early days we’ve deliberately crafted an atmosphere of camaraderie, where banter is not just noise but a testament to the bonds we share.

For us, it’s about creating a space where our team genuinely looks forward to spending their days. We understand the importance of this space, knowing that for many, your workspace becomes like a second home.

Our real thrill lies in turning your vision into a tangible reality – something you can see, touch, and truly experience. Whether it’s getting your car running smoothly, building it from start to finish, or fixing a broken component, our unwavering commitment is driven by the desire to deliver an epic outcome for our customers every time.

our team



Leaving school at 15 to pursue his automotive trade qualification, Selwyn’s career embarked on a dynamic journey. He honed his mechanical skills at a workshop in New Zealand specializing in restoring classic European Jaguars and Aston Martins, dedicating seven years to the craft and fostering his keen eye for detail.

Now with many years under his belt in the high-performance car sector here in Australia, Selwyn’s expertise has extended beyond being a mechanic, he’s a well-respected engine builder, fabricator, tuner, and wiring specialist and he takes immense pride in mentoring our team members to grow and better their own skillsets.

Current JDM car at home: 1970’s Toyota Cressida MX36


Adrian’s automotive journey began in childhood, absorbing the trade in his dad’s workshop since the age of 8. Outshining apprentices twice his age, he’s navigated diverse roles—from supporting a podium winning Silver Fern rally team to contributing to Brisbane’s top high-performance workshops. In recent months, Adrian has taken on the role of our lead motorsport wiring technician after showcasing his excellent ability in this field of expertise.

Current JDM Car at home: R33 Skyline Drift Car “Gypsy DC”


Keith is a highly skilled mechanic and engine builder, who has spent over 15 years honing his craft and building high performance cars. His diverse expertise across not only JDM cars but also Australian and American muscle cars make Keith a man with a wealth of knowledge and a huge blend of skills and expertise.

Current JDM car at home: 2JZ Toyota Hilux


Service Advisor

Hayden’s lifelong love of JDM cars is evident in every aspect of his involvement in the community, you’ll often see Hayden out drifting his R32 Skyline and at car meet ups. Not only is he the person you’ll see when you walk in our doors, he’s also a vital track day support person. Hayden has a vast knowledge of cars, parts and all things motorsport, he gives great advise to our customers to ensure that they get the outcome they desire. His commitment to delivering top-tier customer service has rightfully earned Hayden a place as one of our customers’ favourites in the JDM Motorsport team.

Current JDM car at home: R32 Skyline


Service Advisor

Jamal brings extensive experience to our front of house team. He’s a qualified mechanic, which is a huge asset to his understanding on the technical side of building powerful and reliable cars. Jamal is a master at navigating the intersection of dreams and reality, ensuring optimal outcomes for customers. A dedicated JDM enthusiast, Jamal infuses passion and proficiency into our automotive endeavours and continues to deliver exceptional customer service to all that pass through our doors.

Current JDM Car at home: Mitsubishi Evo 7 and a Mazda Miata.

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